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Monday 15 February 2021

Knitting with some bling

When the last of my plastic stitch markers broke, I knew it was time to take some action. Just like I started knitting again after wearing mismatched gloves for an entire winter, I now realised I had a considerably large amount of beading supplies, including many items not really suitable for wearing, yet perfect for making colourful stitch markers.

Copper and glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

These markers can now be chosen according to needle or yarn colour. Knitting will be even more fun with some bling effect and some of the stitch markers may well double as earrings.

Blue faceted glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

I used jump rings, closable earring hooks and lobster clasps, the latter will be great as row markers. Just have to test, which types work best.

Copper and glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

No more plastic markers in terrible colours that clash with every knitwork.

Black glass pearl stitch markers {tettidesign}

Monday 6 May 2013

Green stone necklace

Making something green seems completely unavoidable in springtime. This is a dangling necklace with green jade beads (probably man-made), a carved Mayan stone pendant, and various glass beads joined together with dark bronze tone wire.

Green stone necklace

The necklace is intentionally asymmetric and messy. The circles of cream coloured seed beads add some light and cheer.

Green stone necklace

Friday 4 November 2011

Multiplying seeds

Seed beads have a tendency to multiply very well over the years and take over more boxes and drawers all the time, no matter the season. I wanted to decrease the amount by creating some extremely long necklaces. These are like unjoined glass ropes offering various wearing options. But although they are each 3-5 metres long and have taken hours to bead, only a fracture of the stash is used. Still got enough for years.

Seed bead rope necklaces

Sunday 1 August 2010

White with bronze

Antique bronze with white is a great colour combination. White can be too cold sometimes, but I like the way it adopts the warmer tone of bronze.
These are simple earrings made of woolwhite felted balls, seed beads and metal.