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Monday 6 May 2013

Green stone necklace

Making something green seems completely unavoidable in springtime. This is a dangling necklace with green jade beads (probably man-made), a carved Mayan stone pendant, and various glass beads joined together with dark bronze tone wire.

Green stone necklace

The necklace is intentionally asymmetric and messy. The circles of cream coloured seed beads add some light and cheer.

Green stone necklace

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Summer in the sewing room

A small wall hanging object can exist both as a decoration in sewing theme and a storage solution to keep all the small tools at hand.
The alternative mission of the hat is to serve as a pincushion, while the bag can hold small scissors, safety pins, thread spools etc.

Sewing room wall decoration

The piece is made of linen and all sewn by hand, the wires at the top and bottom give it a good hold. Seems like the only thing without a clear purpose is the dress.

Sewing room wall decoration with pincushion hat, dress and bag pocket

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Wire mailbox

This is a shabby style mailbox to hang by the door, where anything that arrived by post or anything that needs to be taken to the post office can be temporarily stored. Sort of a 2-in-1 incoming-outgoing box.
Made this out of wire in three different gauges using the design-as-you-go working style without a plan. The uneven paint cover makes it look really old and that is the key.