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Monday 6 May 2013

Green stone necklace

Making something green seems completely unavoidable in springtime. This is a dangling necklace with green jade beads (probably man-made), a carved Mayan stone pendant, and various glass beads joined together with dark bronze tone wire.

Green stone necklace

The necklace is intentionally asymmetric and messy. The circles of cream coloured seed beads add some light and cheer.

Green stone necklace

Friday 4 November 2011

Multiplying seeds

Seed beads have a tendency to multiply very well over the years and take over more boxes and drawers all the time, no matter the season. I wanted to decrease the amount by creating some extremely long necklaces. These are like unjoined glass ropes offering various wearing options. But although they are each 3-5 metres long and have taken hours to bead, only a fracture of the stash is used. Still got enough for years.

Seed bead rope necklaces

Thursday 30 June 2011

Summer verdure

Hot weather - short text post: had to try some popular style jewellery parts and so these three ├ętudes in green were born:

Green lucite flower earrings

Green glass bead and antique bronze necklace

Green velvet ribbon choker necklace with fairy cameo

Sunday 10 April 2011

Diamond of the night

This is a small excerpt of a bead embroidered velvet choker necklace. This lovely vintage montana blue rhinestone is surrounded by scattered seed beads that sparkle like stars in the clear spring night skies.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Black nights

Those dark November nights have inspired some works in black with some sparkle.
Knitted and felted hand warmers, fading from black to grey, made of Aade Artistic, embellished with large crochet flowers and small glass beads:

A long black rosary style necklace with heart, rose and moon, and bronze coloured additions:

And a necklace to add some starshine and golden spark to the black nights:

For now, it has been snowing almost continuously for some days and the nights are not completely dark - thanks to the 30 cm thick snow cover.

Sunday 1 August 2010

White with bronze

Antique bronze with white is a great colour combination. White can be too cold sometimes, but I like the way it adopts the warmer tone of bronze.
These are simple earrings made of woolwhite felted balls, seed beads and metal.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Seaside bracelets

The weather has warmed up even here in the North and beach is the place where most people prefer to be.
I had some aqua blue glass chips, just the right colour for this summer, added some glass beads, moonstones and shells and all this was enough for three bracelets.

Seaside bracelets

The bases of two bracelets are crocheted of cotton and linen yarn, the blue one is woven in peyote stitch.

Aqua peyote bracelet

Monday 24 May 2010

Delft blue bracelet

Blue and white porcelain inspired me to try these colours in bead embroidery and a bracelet seemed like the right amount of work to do.

Delft blue beaded bracelet

Materials all gathered: glass seed beads, a ribbon for the bracelet base, thread and an embroidery needle.

Beading supplies

Made the frame first, starting with the darkest blue beads. Not sure if I like it this way...

Bead embroidery on the frame

Finished the first flower! The frame looks all right now, I think. The overall image reminds me more of those Mediterranean blue and white tile mosaics than porcelain, actually.

Bead embroidered flower

When finished embroidering, double folded the ribbon and sewed by hand all around the edges. The hardest part is making a clasp. Out of several options coming to my mind, I decided to sew some double rings to the back side where I could attach jump rings, pieces of extension chain and a toggle clasp.

Bracelet clasp

Sunday 23 May 2010

Jasper in plentiful company

This jasper pendant called out for some beads in the same mellow colours and seed beads in gentle pink and beige felt like the best way to imitate the stone's spots and stripes. In order to match the weight of this pendant, thousands of seed beads would be needed though, so I started making the strands until the necklace seemed balanced.

Jasper pendant

The necklace has ten seed bead strands, which are actually formed of five closed loops folded in double. The pendant and clasp are connected by three strands of the same cube seed beads that are adding some texture to the long strands.
A note for myself: never ever buy those tiny size 15/0 seed beads again, they are just impossible to work with (like beading with sugar!) and have to be strung straight to the cord without a needle. But they look so cute...