Monday 15 February 2021

Knitting with some bling

When the last of my plastic stitch markers broke, I knew it was time to take some action. Just like I started knitting again after wearing mismatched gloves for an entire winter, I now realised I had a considerably large amount of beading supplies, including many items not really suitable for wearing, yet perfect for making colourful stitch markers.

Copper and glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

These markers can now be chosen according to needle or yarn colour. Knitting will be even more fun with some bling effect and some of the stitch markers may well double as earrings.

Blue faceted glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

I used jump rings, closable earring hooks and lobster clasps, the latter will be great as row markers. Just have to test, which types work best.

Copper and glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

No more plastic markers in terrible colours that clash with every knitwork.

Black glass pearl stitch markers {tettidesign}

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Crafts during lockdown

These strange times that many of us have to spend in isolation seem to have at least one positive element. There is more time for hobbies and crafts, to either continue with an old favourite or learn a completely new skill. Making something is truly rewarding and the process can be calming, while taking your mind off the constant news about the pandemic escalation.
I am so glad I have my knitting and a yarn stash that needs to be reduced. Everything feels all right, when you have a soft ball of wool in your hand.

Colourful yarn ball {tettidesign}

Even research shows that crafting is good for mental health, helping to reduce anxiety, lower stress and improve mood. Making something requires focus, which helps to distract from worries and keep us in the present moment, exercising mindfulness.

And it looks like people are aware of this, either consciously or subconsciously. Perhaps they always wanted to make things, but never found the time for it. During the first coronavirus outbreak period in spring, many had to leave work and stay home, and were thus faced with unexpected free time in their hands. Craft supply stores experienced a large growth in online trade, some even saw sales go up more than 200 per cent or revenue from yarn sales surge by 140 per cent. People were also much more interested in craft patterns and DIY instructions.

This interest growth is also visible in online searches. The interest in crafts usually rises from autumn to Christmas time each year and then lowers towards spring and summer, but this year quite a 'bump' can be seen for the spring lockdown period in March-April, based on Google Trends:

The current growing outbreak period is yet too early to analyse and also hard to distinguish from the above mentioned annual interest rise.

Crafts are one of the great ways to overcome a period when the activities of the normal daily routine have fallen off. So stay safe and make something. Something great, something you always wanted to.

If you didn't quess, this article was part of the homework for an online course I took. The yarn on the picture looks nice, but is very acrylic.