Monday 21 June 2010

A butterfly brought the summer

This bright turquoise yarn was calling out for a cheerful summer companion. Beads in water tones, as well as intriguing orange and purple, are knitted along with the yarn and cannot escape from the shrug.

Beadknitted butterfly

Stringing the beads onto the yarn in the right order according to the "master plan" took a whole hour.

Beads strung on yarn

The stitch pattern is very simple, just some reaccurring double holes. The bamboo and cotton yarn feels really soft and light.

Bamboo yarn

The butterfly can change itself according to the light direction and conditions.

Beaded shrug


  1. I would love to have this pattern it is beautiful...

  2. peace, this is lovely . is the pattern available for purchase? would love to take a shot at this...thank you

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, there is no pattern for this yet.