Thursday 11 November 2010

Murphy's laws on knitting

Surely every crafter has felt that the validity of Murphy's laws will eventually become evident in the craft making process as well as in any other area of life. Here are some knitting related laws, which I most often experience:

  • You have found a great position in your comfy knitting chair, taken the needles, started to cast on and planning not to move yourself for the next hour or two – only to discover that the fresh cup of coffee was left in the kitchen downstairs...
  • As soon as you cut off the cast-on yarn tail that keeps messing with your knitwork, the work is doomed.
  • Yarn runs out when 99 per cent of the work is completed.
  • The yarn needed to finish a work is sold out in all the yarn stores within a reasonable distance, globally in online shops and its production discontinued.
  • The more time you have spent on a knitting work, the more closer to the end you will realise that something went wrong at the beginning.
  • The weather is fine and sunny, when a long knitting day indoors awaits, and turns dark and rainy, as soon as the work is finished and you want to take photos of it.
  • If knitting work seems to go well, you have obviously miscounted the stitches.
  • All horizontal surfaces shall be filled with unfinished knitworks.
  • Every project takes longer than you think.

Knitted fox

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