Saturday, 26 February 2011

White cables and bobbles

And here is the completed cushion cover mentioned in the previous post:

White knitted aran pillow

And a matching (favourite item lately, can't seem to throw away any tin cans!) pencil cup cozy:


  1. Hi, dou you have the pattern for the cushion cover? I love it, and I can't wait to knit it.

    1. Thank you for visiting!
      These are two aran stitch patterns combined, unfortunately I cannot remember which book they're from. I'll let you know if I come across it.

  2. Hi, what a treat to come across your blog..i am an advanced beginner whose in love with cables...I just love cables. and there is just something about white yarn and cables, today i found a beautiful cabled long tail jacket/ was so glamorous and the cables just seemed to pop in white just like your cabled cushion..I cant wait until i learn how to make clothes.

    Your cushion is so beautiful..i dont think i have ever seen that big center cable before. Does it have a name? i have so many cable books but i dont believe I've ever seen this one..

    My favorite thing about your cabled cushion is how unique the cable is first off and second where the bobbles are placed at some of the cables ends. Very nice touch..I'm so glad you shared your project its the prettiest pillow I've seen in ummm.... i dunno.... FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! lol.
    I'm making my first cabled aran blanket and I need to make some pillows To match..But your cushion gives me a great idea for the beautiful big wooden chairs i have around my dining room table..Thanks for the inspiration..


    1. Thank you so much, Carolyne! Sometimes big cables do seem to have a mind and life of their own, just wonderful that someone has invented them.
      I don't think this cable has a name, found it among my old stitch collection and not sure of its origins. I customised it a little and added the bobbles to the centre, as it seemed too empty. What I don't like is the cables shrinking the fabric unevenly so the pillow doesn't look quite square shaped. It would probably be better to continue the cable to the back side as well.
      Wishing you good luck (and patience) with your blanket and pillows!

    2. I would consider myself an advanced beginner and just wanted to say that your noticing of the fabric shrinking is something i noticed too.So when i asked a lady I know who does crazy celtic cabling she believes that if you increase and decrease before and after cables that unevenness stops
      Pillows can make such a difference on furniture or beds and i am so glad i saw yours cause i thought what woman wouldn't love to have a beautiful aran bedspread and pillows to match.How cool that we can make our own.i have probably 8 skeins of fishermans wool and seriously when i saw your cabled pillow it totally inspired me to make pillows that will match the aran blanket im knitting..I wish i was following a pattern for the blanket but im carefully picking and choosing cables and then making panels and since i test swatch EVERYTHING,knitting has been the best teacher of searched for a simple Ring cable..took 2months to find one, i found it on ravelry..Spent 2 months of test swatches & asking questions and stops and starts to thankfully find out 2 weeks ago the chart was wrong..gosh i hope that doesnt happen was my first knitted chart reading experience..I have just given myself a year for this blanket..i know i will be so much the wiser when its done..So cool your on too..
      Please keep up the Beautiful work...
      Did you buy pillow forms when you made this pillow or did you just revamp an old pillow? I want to make a cabled panel that matches the bedspread and put buttons on the front so i can open the pillows easy peasy...have a great day..

      ps..i have tons of cabling books and wanted to say i know what you mean about not knowing the name of certain cables because the one book i have has certain celtic cables well they look like celtic cables but the book just plainly calls them "fancy cables"..there must be 20 of them and if someone asked i dont think they would believe me if i said Oh its fancy cable #3 hahaha but it would be true :)

  3. That's a great tip with increasing and decreasing, thanks. My pillow has a (16'') 40 cm pillow form inside, a new one, really inexpensive. The cover is open in one end and has three pairs of straps that can be tied together.
    I think you have started out the smart way: using charts (better luck with next ones!) and swatching and putting it all together yourself. You'll learn a lot and will be able to make anything you like for the home and to wear. Keep knitting!