Sunday 22 January 2012

Linen table linen

It had never occurred to me to knit a doily before, but it did now. Probably because of this one lonely skein of thin linen yarn calling out from the stash and the curiosity to see this material in a finished form.
My dream is to knit a large tablecloth designed by Herbert Niebling one day, for testing purposes, this small round doily with 40 cm diameter should be sufficient, though.

Blue round knitted doily

The pattern is from Burda Stricklehrbuch and the doily was small enough to be knitted on double pointed needles (2 mm). Knitting was quite easy and I managed to learn a couple of new tricks on the way, e.g. circle cast on, crochet bind-off, how to handle double yarn overs.
Blue round knitted linen doily

The yarn used is a lace weight linen named Midara Linas, shade No. 650. Approximately half a skein required, only 23 grams.

Midara Linas blue linen yarn 650


  1. Wow! I just can't imagine knitting that, it looks so difficult. It's so beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It only looks difficult, the hardest part was to follow the chart correctly and repeat, repeat, repeat...

  2. It's beautiful!!!!!
    I have always loved knit doilies,

  3. it's just beautiful and I would love to try it, but I can't locate the directions. Can you help? Thanks,

  4. Thank you! The pattern is from an out of print German knitting book 'Burda Stricklehrbuch'. It could be available on Amazon or German e-bay.