Monday 23 April 2012

Inspiration from around the world

My weekend trip to visit Floriade, World Horticultural Expo in the Netherlands, quite unexpectedly proved to be interesting craftwise as well. Many participating countries had included souvenirs and textiles in their expositions, for some it was the main attraction with very little to show in the gardening area.

This tree with a colourful knitted sweater was probably the only living creature on the fair grounds not suffering from the fierce cold wind and frequent rain and hail showers of the weekend:

Knitted graffiti tree yarn bombing Floriade 2012

Crafty hands could easily make a garden sculpture like this cyclist from Luxembourg

Willow sculpture cyclist

or any other decorative willow object:

Willow art

Motive of a cosy knitted throw on a garden shed chair:

Knitted throw motive

Bobbin lace samples of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka lace

and how they are made by diligent hands:

Sri Lanka bobbin lace making

Chinese silk lantern:

Chinese silk lantern

Fine printed fabrics of Indonesia:

Indonesian textiles

Patterns from Afghanistan:

Afghanistan textiles

Colours of Tunisia:

Tunisian textiles

Moroccan sofa with a beautiful patterned fabric in chocolate and turquoise:

Moroccan sofa

Andean knits and textiles from Ecuador:

Ecuador textiles

And some more pretty textile patterns with mystery origin:

Sudan textiles

Ethnic textiles

Last but not least, some fashion ideas to steal from this performer's costume:

Floriade performer on crutches

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