Wednesday 22 January 2014

Fireside socks

Since I bought a load of sock yarn last year, I have to make some socks every now and then. Otherwise there will be no new yarn, no matter how pretty the colour.

Knitted socks {tettidesign}

This is an improvised pair of socks, worked from top down. The heel is a classical one with picked up stitches, the strongest and most comfortable, in my opinion. But I do prefer starting from the toe, as that is so much less stressful - no fear of running out of yarn or having leftovers. The latter is what happened this time.

Knitted socks {tettidesign}

The socks are made of Admiral Bambus by Schoppel-Wolle, with 75 per cent wool and 25 per cent bamboo content. While working, the yarn seems somewhat like cotton, but becomes much softer after washing. In the end, it has a really nice natural feel, like it should be. Just love this warm colour scheme.

Knitted socks {tettidesign}

After a long search, I found these lovely sheepish wooden sock blockers on Whorl Drop Spindle, a great place for handmade spindles and other wooden wool tools. (One day I will try spinning.)

Knitted socks {tettidesign}


  1. Beautiful socks - I to, should take a page out of your book, I bought a heap of sock yarn last year, and should finish socks I have on the go and start some more for pressies.

    Where did you get the pattern, please?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! There was no actual pattern, I followed the explanation of the heel process in an old Estonian book and added other elements myself.