Tuesday 18 March 2014

New outfit for someone from the past

There is a new addition to my growing pincushion collection. This time, I only had to make half the work – a new skirt for this pincushion doll. As far as I know, the hand painted half doll figurine is made in Germany in the 1920s. It's really tiny, only about 6 cm tall.

Antique pincushion doll {tettidesign}

Of course, it was not just the skirt. Beneath it is the cushion part that makes her stand up, stuffed with synthetic filling. I also had to add some small stones for weight, so the doll wouldn't fall over. This must be the reason why most pincushion dolls have very wide dresses.

Pincushion half doll {tettidesign}

The skirt was made of all the bits and pieces I could find in colours matching the blouse and hat. It's not in twenties' style but perhaps, she is a country girl not wearing the latest fashion. More is more, when it comes to romantic ruffles in this case.

Pink silk doll skirt {tettidesign}

Still haven't put any pins into the skirt, she is only adapting to her new environment.

Antique porcelain half doll {tettidesign}

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