Monday 15 February 2021

Knitting with some bling

When the last of my plastic stitch markers broke, I knew it was time to take some action. Just like I started knitting again after wearing mismatched gloves for an entire winter, I now realised I had a considerably large amount of beading supplies, including many items not really suitable for wearing, yet perfect for making colourful stitch markers.

Copper and glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

These markers can now be chosen according to needle or yarn colour. Knitting will be even more fun with some bling effect and some of the stitch markers may well double as earrings.

Blue faceted glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

I used jump rings, closable earring hooks and lobster clasps, the latter will be great as row markers. Just have to test, which types work best.

Copper and glass bead stitch markers {tettidesign}

No more plastic markers in terrible colours that clash with every knitwork.

Black glass pearl stitch markers {tettidesign}

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  1. Love these! Easy to make and can be used with crochet too, which is what I do. Was surprised to see that you'd posted. I remember you from years ago and you hadn't posted in years. 😊