Monday 24 May 2010

Delft blue bracelet

Blue and white porcelain inspired me to try these colours in bead embroidery and a bracelet seemed like the right amount of work to do.

Delft blue beaded bracelet

Materials all gathered: glass seed beads, a ribbon for the bracelet base, thread and an embroidery needle.

Beading supplies

Made the frame first, starting with the darkest blue beads. Not sure if I like it this way...

Bead embroidery on the frame

Finished the first flower! The frame looks all right now, I think. The overall image reminds me more of those Mediterranean blue and white tile mosaics than porcelain, actually.

Bead embroidered flower

When finished embroidering, double folded the ribbon and sewed by hand all around the edges. The hardest part is making a clasp. Out of several options coming to my mind, I decided to sew some double rings to the back side where I could attach jump rings, pieces of extension chain and a toggle clasp.

Bracelet clasp

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