Sunday 23 May 2010

Jasper in plentiful company

This jasper pendant called out for some beads in the same mellow colours and seed beads in gentle pink and beige felt like the best way to imitate the stone's spots and stripes. In order to match the weight of this pendant, thousands of seed beads would be needed though, so I started making the strands until the necklace seemed balanced.

Jasper pendant

The necklace has ten seed bead strands, which are actually formed of five closed loops folded in double. The pendant and clasp are connected by three strands of the same cube seed beads that are adding some texture to the long strands.
A note for myself: never ever buy those tiny size 15/0 seed beads again, they are just impossible to work with (like beading with sugar!) and have to be strung straight to the cord without a needle. But they look so cute...

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