Friday 24 February 2012

Book with sharp content

This needle book is made of small piece of printed corduroy and black felt. Some flowers on the fabric are outlined with seed beads - it is very convenient to embroider when a template is already provided.

Black corduroy needle book

The book cover is padded with felt sheet and another layer of felt is sewn to the inside, so that needles can feel safe and comfortable.

Black, blue, grey fabric and felt needle book

The backstrip is made of grey blue lace, suggesting a romantic sewing story.

Lace backstrip book binding


  1. Imearmas! Pits meeldib mulle selle "raamatu" juures kõige rohkem :).

  2. Kohe kuidagi ei saa läbi pitsita...

  3. Beautiful. I love the colors, the lace spine, everything.