Friday 2 March 2012

Half a day sweater

Winter meets spring - woollen turtle neck sweater with snowdrops, completed in just a few hours. The lower body part and neck are worked in the round, sleeves are knitted flat and sewn on.

Sweater with snowdrop pattern

The sweater is in medium ladies' size in 1:12 scale: the body part measures 5 cm in height and 4 cm in width. It is knitted using lace weight merino wool (1400 meters per 100 g) and needles 1.5 mm (US size 000 apparently and not -1 as I first thought). Knitting tension is 60 stitches and 70 rows to 10 cm.

Miniature knitted sweater

Here is the colour chart for snowdrops and grass, would probably pass for crocuses and cyclamens just as well.

Snowdrop knitting chart


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  5. What a cute little sweater and my daughter for a long timeasked to contact me for a sweater for her dolls.

  6. Your cutie sweater looks stunningly, thanks for sharing such a marvelous project with us. Is this for a doll?

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