Wednesday 18 July 2012

Antique finds from the closet

My great aunt was making an inventory in the closets and I asked her, if there were any old needlework pieces survived that were handmade by the women of our family. And here are the results.

This round framed cross stitch flower picture was made by my great grandma in the 1930s. Just love the colour scheme.

Cross stitch flower picture

Cross stitch flowers

The blue and white decorative kitchen towel is also embroidered and crocheted by my great grandmother, probably in the 1920s or 1930s.

Antique blue and white embroidered towel

The oval shaped lizard doily was embroidered by the sister of my great grandfather possibly around 1900, when she was in her twenties. Pure art nouveau!

Art nouveau embroidered doily


  1. I would love to have things like that. Most of my family immigrated, so very little made the trip here.

    1. Oh yes, lots of things get lost with even a smaller move. Fortunately, my grandma's house outlived the war and everything, but many things are probably just thrown away over the years. If people then only knew, how little would be made by hand in the future...