Tuesday 31 July 2012

Teddy ready to sail

A little playtime in summer is allowed, I hope. After all, the yarn stash is all sorted out and detangled and ready for the autumn season. Some leftovers found their way to this seaman's sweater, teddy can now enjoy the summer and the sea.
The naked glass buoy got a rope net around it and does not roll off anymore.

Teddy in a seaman sweater


  1. Can you share the bear sweater pattern? I've been making some, but have trouble sizing the sleeve connections.

    1. I have no notes on the sweater, but it seems I've decreased 1 stitch on every RS row at both ends, exactly the same way on body parts and sleeves, this way they fit together. There is no shoulder slant, the sleeves are just straight, like a baby sweater. (After grafting the pieces together, the stitches are picked up for the collar, which is worked in the round and decreased on every row at the seam spots.)
      Hope that helps, thanks for visiting.