Sunday 10 February 2013

Small and easy gift box

This is a quick box shaped solution for wrapping small gifts. The box can be completed in minutes, but it is totally acceptable to spend many hours adding the creative finishing touches.

Paper gift box with a free template

The size of the completed box will be approximately 6x4x4 cm, when printed on a full A4 or Letter size page. Click on the picture to open the template in .png format:

Free printable gift box template

The printed template can be glued onto heavier paper or cardboard before cutting and folding, leaving it to the inner side of the box. Alternatively, it can be used only for drawing the lines onto decorative paper or cardboard.

Tip for folding: use a ruler or the edge of the table to get a straight folding line. Smooth and finish the folded edge using something like scissor handles.

Paper gift box with a free template

The outside of the box can be decorated with paper, fabric, buttons, flowers, embellishments, drawings... anything you like.

Paper gift box with a free template

Punch holes where indicated, gather the punched top edges starting with the smaller box sides, and complete with a ribbon. Don't forget to add the gift before that!

This box is also on CraftGawker.


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  2. The wrapping can make your gift look a lot better. It makes it easier for you to present the gift to the person you are gifting and builds a mystery around what is inside. Thanks for suggesting such a creative idea.

  3. So cute. It is an art to choose the right gift box for your near and dear ones. If you really want to impress your loved ones, you need to think out of the box, beyond the conventional gift-wrapped, gaudy gift boxes.